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BONK by Lirema
...Something I never got around to uploading until now :invisible: I drew the Scout in my calculus notes :P
Echo by Lirema
Feat. A dude with a neapolitan shirt :P
...Remind me never to take another AP class ever again -__- (Such stress, much anxiety, no free time D: )
Inspired by the song Echo by Gumi (t'is a wonderful song ^.^)
Does this mean I'm no longer stuck on hiatus anymore? We shall see...


United States
Welcome to Lirema: Where everything is Pokemon related and the crossovers are endless...or something like that :/
My fantasies and ideas can get a little crazy and random, so enter with caution I guess...
I am a huge fan of Pokémon. And Anime :D

"You may look ordinary, but your eyes tell me a different story." -Anon.

Tagged by  :iconal-scarlet:

You must post the rules. 

Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal. 

Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer 

You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal. (Eh? but, nobody reads my journals...)

Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.

No tag backs (Shoot >:C)

No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this" You legitimately have to tag 10 5 people. (Bleh, I'm switching up the rules because if Scarlet can do it, so can I :dummy:)

Stuff 'bout me :/

1. I am left handed, but I punch harder with my right hand (although, I'm too passive weak to punch someone...ehehe)

2. I have over 30 stuffed animals (I stopped counting after I got by first lion stuffed animal Aslan...but I'm pretty sure it's over 30 :shrug:(maybe 40...or even 50...I dunno :dummy:))

3. I get terrible migraines when I drink coffee for whatever-reason-why x_x (I don't really know why...I guess I just can't drink coffee :shrug:)

4. Sean is not my real name, it is actually my middle name and nickname (although, on my birth certificate it's spelled differently (have fun trying to guess my real name, you'll never guess it :dummy: (actually, don't even try to guess, I like to keep my identity a secret plz :iconpweaseplz: (and if you do know my real name, don't tell anyone or I'll send AZ to get you >:C )))) ...Whoops, using way too many parentheses :dummy:

5. I am 4 ft 10 in (I'm fun sized :dummy:) and I weigh less than 80 pounds :P (Whoops, that was 2 things...oh well :dummy:(hm, I wonder if that's too much information about me...))

Al-Scarlet's questions

1. Am I your best friend~?

...I've only known you for about 3 months, Scarlet. I'm afraid I can't answer that question properly :invisible:

2. How would you feel if I started drawing chibi's? :3

That would be fun :D Chibis are always fun and easy do draw :happybounce:

3. What program do you use to draw?

...I don't use any programs to draw :invisible: (I'm too old school to use programs I guess :dummy:) but occasionally I will use MS Paint ('s the only art program I have :dummy:

4. Do you prefer drawing on paper or pc?

...I can't draw on a PC. So I'm obligated to say paper :dummy: (Sheesh, somebody's using the dummy icon way too much today...:dummy:)

5. Tablet or mouse?

...Tablet. Because my hands are really twitchy X_X (This is why I don't use art programs folks, I'm not that talented to draw using a mouse :dummy:) I really have to think of 5 questions? As I've mentioned before, nobody reads my journals...fine :iconsweatdropplz:

1. Favorite Nintendo game?

2. Favorite Studio Ghibli movie?

3. Mario or Sonic? Give me one reason why.

4. If a 9-10 ft tall man came up to you, what would you do? (and if you can guess who I'm referencing too, you get a free cookie :dummy::cookie:)

5. ...Paper or Plastic? (because I can't come up with a fifth question that's relevant at the moment xD)

Hm, who to tag, who to tag...

I tag:


(I'd be lucky if at least one of these people respond to this, as I've mentioned before nobody reads my journals :iconsweatdropplz: But you're free to answer my questions if you wish :shrug:)

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